Meghna Cement Mills PLC.

Meghna Cement Mills PLC



The commitment of the company is to maintain standards in its operations and dealings within the company and beyond. It has set the Code of Conduct as denoted hereinafter for the personnel employed within the company. This Code applies to all members who are in the payroll and in the management.

Conduct & Behaviour

The obligation of all MCMPLC personnel in the payroll and in the management, also termed as the staff members herein, are to follow the policies, rules and guidelines as set out and to be set out in future by the company.

Every staff member has to provide his/her services towards the company with –

Abiding Laws, Rules & Regulations
Code of Confidentiality
Working Environment
Conflict of Interest
Prohibition of Insider Trading
Relationships with clients and suppliers
Safeguarding Environment
Community Service
Document & Records Preservation & Retention